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Library Secrets!

 by Laura Mundee
Image:Small_cc_logo.jpg‎ by Laura Mundee

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The Library isn't a speakeasy where you need a password to gain access. The Library isn't an exclusive club where you have to know someone to be a member. The Library isn't a sacred space with arcane rituals, but for some people it sure might feel like it.

It might take you weeks or months to know everything there is to know about the Library, but you don't have that kind of time and we're not asking you to spend it trying to figure us out. Instead, we want to let you in on some of the ways we can help you. Library Secrets is just one of the ways we're sharing our tips and tricks.

Explore your options, while you're here... Browse the latest Library Secrets, explore the LS! Librarian's extensive list of confidential online tools and get in on some top secret Tweets with Twitter. Subscribe to Library Secrets! and get your updates clandestinely, or declare your allegiance by becoming a fan on the Library Secrets Facebook page.

So what's the Library's biggest secret? The big secret is that you can be in on it all if you want to-- we're here to clue you in. Just ask.

The Library is full of secrets. Are you listening?

Library Secrets!

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