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Research Guide: Physics


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Links to databases indexing magazine, journal and newspaper articles

Library Catalogs

Books, videos and other audiovisuals

Reference Works

Find backgound information, illustrations and data

  • CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics. Reference Q D65 .H3 Annual
  • Encyclopedia of Applied Physics. 23 vols. Reference QC 5 .E543 1991
  • Facts on File Dictionary of Atomic and Nuclear Physics. Reference QC 772 .F33 2003
  • Facts on File Dictionary of Physics. Reference QC 5 .F34 2005
  • Facts on File Physics Handbook. Reference QC 61 .F33 2000
  • Handbook of Physics. General QC 61 .H37 2001
  • Historical Encyclopedia of Atomic Energy. Reference QC 772 .A87 2000
  • Macmillan Encyclopedia of Physics. 4 vols . Reference QC 5 .M15 1996
  • Magill's Survey of Science: Physical Science Series. 7 vols. General Q 158.5 .M34
  • McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Physics. General QC 5 .M424 1997
  • Penguin Dictionary of Physics. Electronic resource

Videorecording Sets

View important concepts in physics
See Physics and Engineering A-V Guide for full list of videos. http://codlibrary.org/Physics_and_Engineering_A-V

  • Einstein's Relativity and the Quantum Revolution: Modern Physics for Non-Scientists. Parts 1 & 2.
    Richard Wolfson of Middlebury College lectures on concepts of modern physics in 24 thirty minute programs.
    • Part 1. 3 videos presenting the fundamental ideas of relativity and quantum physics. Following a brief history of humankind's thinking about physical reality, the lectures outline the logic that led to Einstein's special theory of relativity. One of the Great Courses series. General QC173.55 .E56 2001
    • Part 2 . 3 videos outline the logic that led to Einstein's special theory of relativity, discussing the laws of physics, gravity, and the principle of equivalence. One of the Great Courses series.
      General QC173.55 .E562 2001
  • The Mechanical Universe. Non-Calculus version. Set of videos organized into 7 "Quads" presenting 28 programs, 10 to 20 minutes long. Topics covered range from Newton's Laws to electricity to waves to relativity. General and Circulation Desk QC 125.2 .M4
    • For complete description of programs go to the AAPT website.
  • The Mechanical Universe-and Beyond. I and II. 52 thirty-minute VHS videos (or 52 programs on 12 DVDs) with in-depth presentations of physics topics. On VHS video for home or in-library/classroom use and on DVD for in-library/classroom use only. All episodes available as streaming video through high-speed internet connection at learner.org
    • VHS version: Part I: General QC 21.2 .M4 Part II: General and Circulation Desk QC 21.2 .M4
    • DVD version : Circulation Desk QC 21.2 .M42 2003
    • For a description of each episode go to the Annenberg/CPB website.
  • Particle Physics for Non-Physicists: a Tour of the Microcosmos . Parts I & II. A tour of the particle zoo and the ideas and phenomena involved in understanding current concepts of modern physics with no math involved. 24 thirty minute programs on 4 DVDs. One of the Great Courses series.

Internet Science Sites

Major science gateways

  • HighWire Press
    A division of the Stanford University Libraries, this is the largest repository of free full-text life science articles in the world. Search for PubMed articles, access the contents of 1517 HighWire hosted journals, and find listings in other free and pay-for-view sources.
  • Scirus
    Comprehensive search engine for science-specific topics. Results cite Science Web sites and provide abstracts from Medline, Science Direct, U.S. Patent office documents and more.
  • Science.gov
    The gateway to government science information. Provides access to over 47 million pages of government science information from 30 databases and 1700 websites, many part of the "deep web" that is inaccesible to search engines.

Internet Physics Sites

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