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Public performance rights


What are Public Performance Rights (PPR)?

Public Performance Rights (PPR) are the rights to legally show a copyrighted film to the public. These rights are usually maintained by the producer or distributor of the film. Sometimes the rights may be obtained by license from a media rights firm.

When are Public Performance Rights required?

PPR are required for all viewings of copyrighted media outside of the regular classroom setting. This includes

  • Student club events
  • Extracurricular events such as general lectures
  • Film series
  • College fairs

How do I find out if the C.O.D. Library has purchased Public Performance Rights?

If the Library has received PPR from the ditributor that will be noted in the Library catalog record as a note. For an example see this record for Last train home.. If you would like to see a list of all the films the Library owns with PPR just do a subject search for public performance rights granted.

How do I get Public Performance Rights if I need them?

If the Library does not have PPR the individuals or organizations showing the film are responsible for obtaining the rights.

Some firms to contact for PPR licenses, especially for feature films include:

If these companies cannot grant permission you will need to contact the copyright owner. The best place to start is usually with the publisher or distributor.

Updated November 2011

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