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Library Orientations


What will you learn in a Library Orientation?

Start the year off right with a 50-minute introduction to the C.O.D. Library.
In a Library Orientation you will learn:

  • How the Library can help you find information-- any information!
  • How to find books, videos, CDs and more in the Library's collection
  • What to do when what you want isn't in the Library
  • How to get a Library card and the benefits of having one
  • Where to look for articles from magazines, journals and newspapers
  • How to evaluate a website
  • How to use the Library's website to get information, answers and help


When is the next Library Orientation? Check this calendar for the date and time of an Orientation that's convenient for you.

This fall, the Library will hold Orientations on Mondays through Saturdays between August 31 and September 14.


Sign Up Online, stop by the Reference Desk, or call (630) 942-3364


Need an extra copy of one of the Orientation handouts? Help yourself!

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