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College Success Skills

Research Guide to the Education 1115 College Success Skills Course

Librarian: Marge Peters
Office: SRC 3034
Phone: 630-942-2337
Email: petersm@cod.edu

Finding Library Resources

Library Class Handouts:

Library Resources Handout
General Databases Handout

C.O.D. Library is out in the world:

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Libraries have numerous resources to help you expand your knowledge and skills. Our goal is to make sure you have access to the information you need for free! Check out these search tools to find out what the C.O.D. Library has to offer you:

Credo Reference 
Search for a topic's background information, basic facts, definitions, and more in Credo Reference, a database of over 400 encyclopedias, dictionaries, and more.
Library Catalog 
Search for videos, books, encyclopedias, audiobooks, and other resources available here at the C.O.D. Library.
Explore published articles, photographs, works of art, and video clips available online through the Library Databases.

The Library: More Than Just Books

Here is a list of applications, tools, tutorials, and guides that can help you on your information explorations:

Research 101 
Want to learn more about research? Check out our tutorial to get started.
Assignment Calculator 
Need help with time mangement? Try our Assignment Calculator.
Jobs, Careers, Colleges 
A thorough guide to finding colleges, choosing your major and career focus, and then getting that perfect job.
Citing Sources 
Ready to start citing your sources but you've never work with APA or MLA? Then review our citation examples for help.
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